Civil and Criminal Appeals in State and Federal Court

Its important to ask yourself whether a civil appeal is worth your time and money before litigating one because they are often large undertakings that may get you no closer to your goals despite taking a long time and costing a lot of money.

David A.F. Lewis, LLC offers our clients an intelligent, cost-effective alternative: for a nominal fee we review the complete trial record including the transcripts and give you an evaluation of your chances of prevailing on appeal. My clients are then able to weigh the costs and benefits of proceeding and can make an informed choice with the best information available before committing to the entire appellate process. I have found that this is an effective way for my clients to make informed decisions at a minimal cost prior to expending valuable time and resources on a full appeal.

In some situations, clients do not have this choice because the opposing party is the one appealing the verdict and my client’s must defend themselves on appeal. While every case is different and past success is no guarantee of future success, in these situations I have won 22 of 23 times.

A note of caution: beware an appellate attorney who tells you that your appeal sounds strong without reviewing the record and then asks for your money. This is often a sign that they will rush your appeal and file a quickly written appellate brief. In my experience this type of appeal is rarely worth your time or money and often wastes any opportunity you had to overturn the verdict or judgment below.

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